Believing in Life

Believing in Life

In troubled times, it is too easy to be deflected and succumb to all that is wrong, all that is dreadful in the world. Remove these thoughts from your mind, forget those things that are not in your control, and believe in the wonderful majesty of something that is always with us. Feel the presence of God in your life; God is Life!

Every one of us is armed with two blessings in life. Primarily, we have the power of Love; this is not something that can be touched, but it is something that can be felt, internally. When we meet a person, who becomes our soul mate, we cannot shed, we do not want to shed the glorious feeling of completion in our very being. This is a blessing bestowed on us from God. It is magnificent.

The other gift we have is the power to comprehend. We are born with thinking brains and, through experience, we learn to distinguish between good and evil, between right and wrong. We are guided by parents, clergy, and God, but not necessarily in that order. We do learn that sometimes the first two try to lead us on the wrong path, but God never does. We must put our intellectual abilities in focus to accept the truth that God offers. There are many naysayers, but they only have superstition and fear on their side. God has Love.

When we surrender to the true path of Love, and I know this is a radical idea, we discover that this is the path of true Life, the Life that God gives. This is an experience that not only satisfies our intellectual ability, it also gives us that all over tingling feeling of true love.

I was born to parents who were totally different; my father was a man of faith, and my mother was an atheist. My father attended church every Sunday, and I never saw my mother enter a church except for the day I married. And, for years, I wavered back and forth between the two. I loved them both but could not follow either.

Eventually, I chose the path of my father. It was then that I learned true comfort, true serenity in my life. I no longer had disturbing sleep; I turned away from my addiction to cigarettes. I became the man my father always wanted me to be. I discovered Life; I discovered Love. God’s Life and God’s Life.

Intellectually, I continued my education ending in a doctorate degree in literature. I read just about everything, but I mainly read the writings of the first century Christians who were not influenced by 2000 years of western religious aggression. My faith increases every day, due to the knowledge, love, and life that these early prophets wrote of.

I believe I Life!  In my intellectual searching, I discovered that God is not the subject of my life, God is Life itself. Physically, I may be limited by the confines of my human body, but spiritually, I am powerful, knowing that the life of live is the Life God offers.


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