Serving Two Masters

Serving To Masters

We live in the kingdom of God. This is a kingdom that is perfect, if we allow it to be. We often confuse ourselves when we accept the worldly practices of humanity over the spirituality of the true existence. Many of us look to the wealthy and think that they are good people; we ask ourselves why else God would reward them with such wealth.

Their god is not the god of creation; their god is money. Wealth is truly the thing that separates us from ourselves and from God. It is what causes world-wide oppression, wars, and racism. The wealthy think that those who are not wealthy are not worthy. According to them worth is judged only by how much money a person has.

But this is not God’s plan. To live a happy and contented life, we assume the attitude of the open heart, determining what is best for everyone, and denying that there is a group referred by many as the other. The future of our humanity that we take up the cross of God’s passion for us, being shrewd stewards of His entire creation. We ignore the false importance of wealth and build our riches on the greatness of God.

If we have money, use it for the benefit of all humanity, not just a few overly egotistical minds that deny the existence of God’s great creation. We reject the attraction of egotistical wealth and enjoin our resources for the benefit of all. Our future and the future of our children beg that we ignore the pressures of the modern world and make an effort for a closer relationship with God. We are his stewards; let us act responsible.



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