It is Time

It is time.

Jesus hands a stone to those leaders and people who were ready to stone a woman for infidelity, asking, “He who is without sin can cast the first stone.” The crowd, the angry hypocritical crowd, disperses quickly, their tails between their legs in shame. Jesus then tells the woman that God forgives her, and she is to go and sin no more.

Is there a sin so heinous that God will not forgive? God loves all, accepts us all, and forgives all. Can we do any less? God forgives those on death row for the murders they commit. We should too, as Jesus did, forgive them so they will sin no more. They may still be incarcerated, but a stay in their executions will change their mental conditions so that they can benefit others also incarcerated.

This brings a greater question: do we live on God’s earth alone, in our own subliminal society? We sin when we allow our unwise decisions to overpower our duty to each other. Many people denounce, or ignore, the existence of God, saying that the goodness they do is not a gift of God, or from God. We do not live alone on this planet; we share our world with all other people, all other creatures, the hummingbird, and the butterfly, even with the lowly slug in our yards. We live with the newborn puppy, the kitten, the cockroach, and the rhinoceros. All creatures and plants in God’s creation are good. All the world is God. We can accept and respect all life. Our country violates every one of God’s commandments. We can change this.

It is time, Lord; it is time for us to reevaluate and reexamine our lives on earth; it is time to undo our selfishness. It is time, Lord. It is time for beg for your eternal forgiveness for the sins we have done.



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