Eternal Life

Whomever believes in Him has eternal life. What is this promise? Do we live forever? I look at it this way: we are two people wrapped in one. Our mortal body wears out and eventually dies, but our spiritual life, what we call the soul, is eternal. The sooner we realize this, the happier we will be. We are living in enemy-occupied territory; everything around us defies the wishes of God, the wishes of Jesus Christ.

The way we live our life, according to God’s will, determines our smooth journey to God’s loving arms when our mortal bodies expire. We are all God’s children and are accepted by God for whom we are, but our life in devotion to His will makes us a more complete person for ourselves and for others to emulate.

The author of Numbers reminds us that as humans, we are subject to impatience. I am experiencing this now; the recovery after surgery is slow and I despise this. But God has slowed me down to take the time to heal and to meditate on what the rest of my life will be like to serve God and to serve each other.

This author continues by telling us that the Israelites asked why they were taken from Egypt only to suffer and die in the wilderness. We are living in the wilderness, but God is with us to keep us safe and healthy in our  own wilderness, as He was with the Israelites. Let us sing our praises in thanks for God’s wonderful patience and steadfast love for us. Let us revel in this beautiful relationship.




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