What do we truly own? No matter how wealthy we think we are, our possessions mean nothing to us after we leave our mortal bodies to return home to God. For this reason, I have adopted the concept that I can do nothing out of greed, conceit, or selfish ambition. What I have is a gift from God and cannot be garnished for my own use. There are many people in this world who need more than I need; there are many people in this world more worthy than myself. I have sworn to look to the interests of others, instead of thinking how my actions benefit me.

What I have comes from God; I may think that I have worked hard to be where I am, but I am where I am for the grace of God. I have promised to treat others as family and turned my heart to the needs of those around me. I believe that this is God’s wish for me in my remaining years as a mortal man. When I rise, I thank the Lord for the blessing of the new day, knowing that His light shines upon me and all his children. Even though a darkness seems to be settling across the world with gloom and worry occupying minds, I know that the glory of God will prevail. Nations may be on the wrong path, with this path leading to violence, but the darkness will pass; it always does. When it does, a new world rises, closer to God’s wishes.

People laugh when I say this, but the alternative is too dark to believe in. the goodness that God offers will re-appear to humankind. Without it, we will perish. As the psalmist asks God, “Send out your light and your truth, that they may lead me, and bring me to your holy hill and to your welling” (Psalm 43:3). The spirit of God is with us; all we must do is recognize this as an unavoidable presence within us.

The knowledge I have is a gift; a gift that I cherish and share with those around me. Before my ministry really took hold, I thought I was a success as a teacher and then a college professor. The praise I received meant a lot to me. However, now I understand that what I offered as a teacher, came from God. He made me the teacher I was and still am, and even though I no longer tread the halls of higher education, He has taught me to share the wisdom I have with others through the words I write.

I trust what I have been given, and I trust that my sharing this will benefit many people. In my daily work as a teacher and now in the church I attend, I have not sought the leadership position; this always seemed to me to be more of a titular position. I have always been able to work to support what I think is important to my congregation. I learned this humility through discernment and studying how men and women greater than myself sought a better world for humanity. My prayer is that God will allow me to continue in my ministry, as I pray the same for others.

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