Here is a thought: what is wholeness and how can we practice wholeness. Wholeness is being undivided; but another word for wholeness is integrity. Mystics look at wholeness as  critical element in the structure of a person. If one achieves wholeness, one can see wholeness in others. One who achieves integrity can see integrity in others. My grandmother used to say that if you look for evil in others, you’ll find evil; if you look for good in others, you’ll find good.

In our heads, hearts and body, we must achieve wholeness to see wholeness in others. When we honor the goodness in ourselves, we honor the goodness is all. We can honor the divine in us (our relationship with God); this lets us recognize the God in others. One way to say this is to see the face of God in those we meet. When we see God in ourselves and in others, we realize that neither of us deserve it; it is given freely by God as one of His eternal graces.

If we can accept the unmerited presence of God in our lives, we can heal ourselves of the disappointments and failures that we meet in everyday life. This only possible if we recognize that others also need to heal themselves. When we accept this, our healing becomes complete. We know that in our imperfect lives, lives that we share with other imperfect beings, we can begin to see God in all that we see. We can achieve wholeness in our lives.

Can we use language that honors others, expresses the beauty of life, the love of God and our joint union with God? Maybe not, but we can certainly try; we can certainly try to achieve the wholeness that we all deserve.


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