The Cross

In these modern times, do we really understand

the significance of the cross that bore the body of Jesus.


Many of us have lost what the cross means in our modern daily lives. But this does not have to be the case. The early Christians believed and taught that God, by becoming human, not only approved of our world, but said yes to all humans and their reasons for living. In other words, He approved of our acting on our own behalf. Unfortunately, I think that we have all lost this basic belief. We no longer understand the ramifications of this approval.

We have become so inured to our way of life that we have forgotten that God is the basis of why we are alive; we no longer accept the affinity systems to recognize the actual inner experience of God. We have to return to the concept of experiencing a mystical (spiritual) relationship with God through Jesus, the Christ. This is what the cross represents in my life. Without this inner experience, I cannot follow the ethical example of Jesus.

The vision of Jesus on the cross is the reminder to me that his sacrifice is a vital reason for my believing in the concept of the messiah, or in our words, Christ. Jesus, the human, is Christ, the God, without which I am unable to accept the true purpose of why I live. Ministers of all religions teach us that Christ is everywhere. Jesus, himself, said that God is within us. Therefore, Christ is within us. We can revel in the beauty of this reality.


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