The Mirror Called Love


The Mirror Called Love


Cynthia Bourgeault writes on God’s loves: “For true love is given to mirror and manifest God on earth . . .” What does this mean for us in our daily lives? If we love God, then we love all people, because all people are loved by God. God calls us to love every day in every way and with every person we meet. Why is this?

Humankind was God’s last and greatest creation. We were created to shepherd God’s creation. He never stops calling us to do this. We may think that being a doctor or a teacher is the most important thing that we do, but in reality, serving God and being good stewards is primary. Being a doctor or teacher is the way we serve. Until we serve God, we can never be happy. As an example, I was on this earth for fifty-one years before becoming a teacher, and when I became a teacher, it dawned on me that this was what I was created to do.

The relationships I formed with my students were the direct product of God’s love for humanity. God’s love, and therefore our love needs human relationships. It is these relationships that demonstrate the glory we have in being God’s creations. We are all diamonds, precious stones too valuable to ignore or waste. This is why love was created, to cherish the gems of life. This is the message of Jesus; as members of God’s creation, we are called to love one another, bringing peace to His creations, as He brings peace to us.


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