Who Can We Trust?


Who Can We Trust?

From Psalms: . . . as for me, I have trusted in you, O Lord.

My times are in God’s hands; His face shines upon mine, and, in His loving kindness, keeps me walking on His lighted path.

He made me a teacher, so that I can pass His words to others. He awakens me each morning, filling my mouth with His words; filling my thoughts with His comfort and wonder. I walk in His path; I will neither be disgraced by others or shamed because of my beliefs. My words try to bring His healing touch to others.

He made me a writer, so that I could spread His loving word and His comforting grace to those I do not see, but message with daily. My words are His words; my thoughts of faith are His thoughts of faith. My free-thinking heart, mind, and soul are blessed with His loving touch. I rejoice in this every day. As we all can!

Who can we trust? I love and trust my family; I love and trust my friends; I love and trust those I call friends. I can do this because all of these people, whom I call my dear friends, are placed in my life, on my life’s path, by God. I trust God in His infinite Wisdom, His infinite Love, His infinite desire to see me happy and fulfilled. He has given me you. What more can I add to that blessing?

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