What if?

1-woman and coins

What if ?

The Reverend Jacqui Lewis asks:

What if every human being is anointed, Messiahed, Christ? What if the most fundamental aspect of our identity is that we are each anointed and appointed by The Holy One, by Spirit—to preach good news to the poor, liberty to the captive, and sight to the blind? What if we take seriously being the Body of the Christ—that we are the hands, feet, and heartbeat of the Living God? What if we are Word made flesh, Love made flesh, Light made flesh?

I have been meditating on this idea for a long time. What if? The possibilities are endless. I can image a world free of strife, free of jealousy and anger. I also believe that this is possible, but only if we give up the biggest impediment: ego. I am not better than my neighbor; I am not better than my students. We are all equal in God’s eyes. We should be all equal in each other’s lives. This is God’s way.

I’m not an expert in world religions; I am not even an expert in my Christian religion, but I do consider myself well-versed in seeing people, seeing people beyond the outer shell that we all offer to the world. The next time you see a homeless person, or a person asking for money to support their family, look closely at him. I see a person suffering from the inhumanity of modern society. I see a person concerned with the welfare of his family, his children.

I’m not a rich man, but I do share my bounty with the homeless as often as I can. As Jesus said, the poor will always be with us; but that doesn’t mean we have to ignore or look past them. The poor are my brothers and sisters who may not have had the same opportunities that I have had. I have been blessed by God to realize my shortcomings and to have the courage and strength to accept His help and rise out of poverty myself. I did not do this alone; many people helped, and I try as often as I can to help others.

I also see those that are in the lower economic levels of society helping each other rise above their status, emulating the woman in the Bible who gave her last two pennies. I think we should all try to see the downtrodden as God sees them. His children, our brothers and sisters. Equal in His eyes and they should be equal in ours, too.

As reverend Lewis says, “This is God’s way.” I pray that we can all follow this.




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