“God on High . . .


“God on High . . .

. . . Hear my prayer” These words begin many days of meditation for me; they are also the words of a beautiful song from Les Misérables, the musical. Six words that inspire many people to continue a life that is fraught with hardships.

During this period of Lent, we are continually reminded of the Sermon on the Mount, with its messages of great promise in the Beatitudes. Today, I am inspired to meditate on “Blessed are those who mourn, for they shall be comforted.” There isn’t a day that goes by that I am not comforted by the presence of God in my life.

God is with me when I hear of the death of a long-time friend. His or her family and all friends mourn for the mortal loss. But we are comforted knowing that God has taken that person into His loving arms; we are comforted knowing that we will be joined together in the future.

God is with me when I realize that I have lost part of my life due to old age or illness. Being personal, this is especially difficult. When I turn around and see that a different door has opened for me to enter, I realize that door has been opened by God, giving me a new direction to walk on His path of brilliance.

“God on high, Hear my prayer.” He does; He always will. What a great thought to enter my mind every morning and every night. May God comfort you, bless you, and keep you well.

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