The Light We Share

god's light

The Light We Share

God is the light of the world and light of our human existence. His Word is in our hearts. His Word allows us to rejoice. Even when bitter times engulf us, we rejoice, as the world rejoices when His Will and His Word is within us. God Protects us, keeps us free in spirit, allows us to live in harmony with Him and with ourselves. 

Jesus walked the desert being tempted, but always growing closer to God. His life was one of disruption to the order of Israel’s society, as it is with our society. We cannot allow how society tries to corrupt us, leading us away from the lighted path of God. We are in our own desert, being tempted by forces seemingly beyond our control. We and will be as Jesus and resist temptations to live without God.

In this time of Lent, we may not realize an epiphany; we may not realize how God is working in our life, not working according to our expectations. But God is working within us, purifying us, as Jesus was purified in the desert. As anxious as I am, I practice meditation to learn patience. God is with me. I know this; I live this. My serenity is my gift from God; it is what helps me spread Love through my writing, the Love of God.

Every morning I awaken to the sound of God’s angel whispering in my ear: “grow, grow, you are in God’s glorious light. Being a miracle of life, I am, like all of you a part of God. We carry a little piece of God within us every day. When we recognize this, we spread God’s love to others. We reach for those who need God’s help. We bring them into the light that is universal,  the light that is meant to be shared . . . by all.

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