God is Love

god is love

God is Love

In our daily lives, we are the glory of God; He placed us on Earth to care for our brothers and sisters worldwide. As we do this, His glory shines upon all; all we must do is recognize this beauty. We must seek the face of God in all we meet. Never allow ourselves to forget this. Some will criticize; some will say we are insignificant; some will think we are foolish. We must let these doubters know that their injustice and criticisms can never prevail over god’s Goodness. The sea is so great, yet it is nothing but a union of individual drops of water.

We are not perfect; We are not Jesus; we are not God; but our actions can reflect their perfection. Our actions can project Love into the lives of those suffering under cruel injustices. Remember that those who love property and wealth may rule over us, and their actions may try to refute the concept of true Love. But their rule is temporary; their rule is temporal. Their rule is not perfection.

As I reflect on my relationships with others, and I have friends all around this planet we call Earth, I feel a great comfort that enters my very being. This comfort is the knowledge that we love each other, as God Loves us. Together, we are stronger than the forces of ill will. I look upon my friendships as gifts from god’s angels, and, who knows, my friends may in fact be God’s angels. I take comfort in their friendships, knowing that these friends are true gifts from God.

My friends, and this feeling of shared Love, allows me to know that I am never alone. God’s Love is mine, and yours, forever!


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