More than Love

god's love2

More than Love

“For God so loved the world”  –  This phrase from the Gospel of John, as true as it is, is so overused and so over-commandeered by people and organizations that have misused its true meaning.

The key word here is love, God’s love. To me, the words God and Love are interchangeable, they mean the same thing. You and I came into this world because God loves us. This is not a Love that can be ignored or tossed aside. This is a Love that is forever with us.

I will go a step further: our whole life is Love. There is no such thing as falling in love or losing love. We are Love; we are the shining example of God’s eternal Love. We cannot fall in love; what we do is recognize that Love is Life. We cannot live without love.

When we trust love, we free ourselves from all falsehoods, free ourselves from fear and heartbreak.

From my original family, I am the only one left walking this Earth. My mother, father, and sister have all returned to the bosom of God’s eternal love. I was saddened at their passing, but I can still feel the love that they represented. All I have to do is think of them, and they are sitting next to me, loving me as if they were physically present.

We cannot, I cannot live without recognizing that love is the core to life. With love, I am never alone; I walk the lighted path that assures me that I am with God. I walk the lighted path that assures me that I am Love.

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