Lamp unto My Feet


Lamp Unto My Feet

When I think of the story of Jesus feeding the 5000 with fives loaves of bread and two fish, and after all had eaten, there were twelve baskets of food left uneaten, I wonder at the bounty of God’s earth and the goodness of mankind.

All too often we do not see those who are hungry; when we have our fill, we throw away anything left, unable or unwilling to share. I prefer to think that we are thoughtless; if we remembered those in need, we would share. Isaiah dares us to lift up our eyes and see, see what is around us, see who is around us, see the need in our society.

I remember watching early television in the 1950s with my father. There was a program called “Lamp Unto My Feet.” I now realize that this is the opening line of Psalm 119. The show demonstrated how everyday men and women would seek out those in need, bringing them into the lighted path of God.

Perhaps, we need to revisit this program to revitalize our concern for others. We need to give our free time to helping those in need, and we need to support the organizations that devote their energies to seeking out those in need and sharing God’s bounty with them.


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