Love for our Neighbors


cropped-cloud-love1.jpgLove for our Neighbors

I have been thinking a lot about love. Love of God, love for others, love of myself. God loves us all, no matter who we are. He grace and compassion for us are unmatched by anything we may do. We can only try to match our efforts to His will.

We must not only care for the stranger, care for the neighbor, but love him, nurture him as needed. Jesus lived among the poor and oppressed, lifting them up to walk in the light of God. This angered the leaders of Israel; can we dare do the same? I believe it is our duty, to follow Jesus and care for those less fortunate than we are.

Recently, many organizations and individuals stepped up to help feed those locked out of jobs during the government shutdown. This is doing God’s will; but we cannot stop just because the shutdown has ended. More people need our love and kindness.

To be like Jesus, we must look to the peripheries of society to see those our leaders are blind to. We cannot blame the poor for their plight. They are poor because jobs are closed off to them; they cannot get jobs that pay well enough so that they can live.

It is time for us to rise and shine as we walk in God’s light. We must share the glory of god with all people . . . ALL people.


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