What is our Mission?

Our purpose is to share the glory of God. This is a message that rings throughout the world; if we listen for it. We are one body in our relationship with God. Yet, we are many, sharing our stories and sharing our lives. We are brothers and sisters; we are friends and relatives. All are under the grace of God.

In Luke’s story, Jesus said that the spirit of the Lord was within him and he was with us to bring the glory of God to mankind. We should be able to do as much. We may not have the power and knowledge of Jesus, but we can share God’s glory, just by being friends to all, helping all where needed, feeding each other with the bounty of Earth and the grace of God.

Sarah Bessey, author of Jesus Feminist, said, “Set out, pilgrim. Set out into the freedom and the wandering. Find your people. God is much bigger, wilder, more generous, and more wonderful than you imagined.” This is a similar call; we must go and bring God’s majesty to those we meet, not by being street corner prophets, but by our willingness to help each other, care for each other, and love each other, just a God wishes. 

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