Be Strong in the Lord


Be Strong in the Lord

We are so conditioned by our society, that to accept the strength of God to guide us can be difficult. I am no exception. I am retired; I believe that I am in His hands, but I worry that what I have save for this retirement will last. My faith tells me that I must be strong in the Lord; He will provide.

In my lifetime, I have recovered from several physical traumas, due to accidents of various kinds, and one mental trauma, due to a failed business as a result of a drunk driver. Each time, I have risen to the challenge with the help of God and a very strong faithful wife. I have much to give thanks, for the Lord has shown mercy on me.

I testify to His power often; I want others to understand that they, too, can be lifted up by God. I was raised with faith, and even though I turned my back on faith for a time, I know that faith had just become dormant in me, until I was prepared to accept my true self and my true relationship to God and those loved ones around me.

In the words of the Psalmist, “I sing to the Lord.” He is my strength.


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