Turn Around

turn around

Turn around

 We are carried away by the rush of today’s society, no matter what age we are, carried along by the materialism and consumerism of our shallow culture. We must turn this around, walk against the flow of the culture, and push back against the values of a nation that refuses to see its actions having severe consequences for the entire world.

The question is what we can do about this unfortunate and tremendously pressing influence in our everyday lives. We fail when we ignore what we truly feel and continue allowing a money-hungry society to dictate our actions and responses. We blame our bosses, or, our teachers, or, our parents for our own inability to react to these negative influences in society.

And, negative they are. We are all too anxious to point fingers away from ourselves, blaming others for our unwillingness to change our own situations. Whether we are single, married with children, or retired, our willingness to change ourselves reaches urgency.

Think of this. If we look beyond our own situation to help someone outside of our direct family of relatives, friends, and associates, and if we open our eyes to recognize how society claims our own limits to others’ freedoms, we can change the lives of so many people.

Oh, God, we look to you for hope, and in return, your justice rolls down on us all, just as the life-giving water refreshes us all. We could not do this without you. We could not do this if we did not stop to turn around.



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