Healing Words

words have power

Words: Those We Use; Those We Hear

The words we use can either heal or harm; it’s our choice. There are times that we can exhibit greater knowledge by not saying anything at all.

Sometimes, I think I spend every hour, waking or sleeping, in conversation. I always imagine that I am arguing with my alter ego; I could be defending a position being careful of the words I use at a meeting. In reality, I am probably talking to, or with, God.

The reason I think I am conversing with God is that many of the topics are way above my human intellectual level.

When I sit on my patio, watching the birds and squirrels, sharing the space and the food so that each gets its fill. I wonder why mankind cannot do the same. I feel the same way about the multitude of plants that share the same soil and are nourished by it.

When I look to the stars at night and talk to them, I know there is someone listening. The majesty of the scene is too great to think that no one is there. In each of these experiences, I feel the presence of something greater than myself. I call this God and am happy.

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