Journey Through Advent


Journey through Advent

There are times in my life when I just feel like quitting, giving up, letting others do for me.

During our church’s Lectio Divina prayer group, I spoke of how we rejoice when in the presence of God; because, I know that God is with me, God is within me always, during good times or bad. I know that during group sessions, such as during Lectio, my prayers become stronger; I am with other like-minded children of God. The Gospel assures us always that when we bond together in prayer, we create transformational relationships with each other and with God.

On Sunday, I always attend church, knowing that I will not be comfortable physically; I pray to God, hoping beyond hope that spiritually I would improve, while being with others. It works; my mind and soul is close to God’s Love and Compassion when in church. Through the prayers, which I silently recite, the excellent thought-provoking homilies, and the wonderful music, I remain spiritually enriched.

The scheduled healing prayer minister needed a replacement. Asking if if I could step, I agreed. I joined other servers at the Table to celebrate communion. I am always sure that I am spiritually capable of truly passing God’s Blessings to others. After receiving the Sacraments, I positioned myself in the prayer corner, expecting my fellow congregants to stop and pray.

Two parishioners joined me asking for communal prayers to God. I spoke from the heart; I have no idea what the words were that I used. What I do know is that by the time the service was over, my spiritual condition as usual had changed dramatically. The power of two of us praying for God to touch our lives is a wonderful experience.

When we pray, no matter how dire the situation seems, God listens. When we pray, the bond between us, and between God and us strengthens to such a point as to change our very lives. When we ask God for anything, thanksgiving is increased innumerably. When we give thanks to God, something within ourselves returns to its natural state and returns our world to the way God meant for it to be. Prayers are meant to be shared.

In our journey, in our awaiting for the renewal of Christ in our lives this Advent season, may you experience all of the love and understanding offered freely by God.  


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