Sunrise and a New Day

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Sunrise and a New Day

How would you respond to my belief that each new day is a time for rebirth for all of us? Each morning we rise, we are given a new chance to live our lives and enjoy the peace and love that is in front of us, but rarely taken inside of us.

I went to bed last night with our older cat, Lucy, sleeping between my wife and I, my hand resting on Lucy’s rump. I awoke this morning with Lucy nibbling on my right pinky, telling me it was time to rise and feed all three of our cats. While I was meditating, the other two, Noelle and Sabastian, were sitting on either side of the chair I occupied. (All three cats were adopted by us from our two children, which is not the first time we have inherited grand pets from them.)

This is a loving and comforting way to awaken in the morning surrounded by the love of these three cats. As much as I complain about their boxing several times a day, I do appreciate that God has chosen us as companions for them. Francis of Assisi received sainthood for many reasons, including his belief that all creatures deserved God’s love and caring, and his work to protect animals and their environment; our animal guests in our houses reflect this blessing. And, their love of us is a response to our mutual sharing of God’s blessings.

I love watching the birds flit from feeder to feeder in our backyard. I love how the birds, the squirrels, and the groundhogs, sit side-by-side on the ground eating the sees and corn kernels, without fighting among themselves. (My cats love watching them also, but I think for different reasons.) The enjoyment I receive watching these creatures dine, is wonderful, but I keep reminding myself that what is cute to me is a fight for survival for them. My wife is the keeper of the bird feeders; she always says that she does not pray. I say that her love of the birds and her refilling the feeders daily, shows the power of prayer in her.

So, I rise each day, challenged by a new day, a new world, and a new life. I pray that my actions throughout the day will please God and all of his creatures, including mankind.


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