Stop the Violence

violence   Violence

I begin with this meditation by Brother Geoffrey Tristram (The Society of Saint John the Evangelist): “There are many voices of violence in our society. Violence in our movies, violent games and websites. Lax gun laws in this country which scandalously cannot be reformed. Violent voices, violent organizations, which grow and flourish and take root. With these voices of violence so loud, it is our responsibility as Christians to stand up in Jesus’ name and speak with his voice of peace.”

Our global societies are engaged too much in violence. I am a news hound, and since I can no longer endure reading about what is occurring in Washington, I read a lot of world news. I get discouraged when I read about who is fighting whom, and what treaties are being tested due to misunderstandings and cultural or religious differences.

I know that according to the Bible, man’s propensity toward violence is displayed in brother killing brother. The symbolism in this story is so apparent that I need not say that this is the history of all mankind. When we denigrate a person because of their gender, religion, or national origin, we are not only harming them, but we are also harming ourselves and the greater good (read God) for the world. I read about what we are doing to immigrant children in this country, and I can visualize what our leaders will say in fifteen or twenty years: “Why are these people so violent in our society? Why do they hate us so?” These leaders do not understand that their actions today bring forth consequences tomorrow, most times, unfortunate consequences.

I don’t attend many political meetings, but when I do, I always question why the leaders do nothing about curbing violence in our neighborhoods, gun violence being so prevalent. Usually, their response is something such as guns don’t kill people, people kill people. Or, my favorite, there is very little we can do about the violence in the streets.

I accuse them of hiding their heads in the sand like the ostriches do.

Through my efforts, and my wife’s efforts in feeding those on the edges of our society, we are trying through prayerful means to assist some of the people who have been left behind by our greedy leaders. I pray that our efforts, and the efforts of many like-minded people around the world, will eventually produce societies that do not have violence as their primary action.

My apologies for this being so political, but my voice must join those who speak against violence.


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