Justice for All

Justice for All

There are many arguments in today’s societies about what justice truly is. Each society, culture, or subculture has its distinctive view and operates as if its view is law and should be what every society, culture, or subculture is forced to follow. Take, for example, gender issues; many object to the fact that some people do not identify with their birth gender. Gay marriage is viewed as abhorrent. Many people believe that people choose to be gay, or different sexually, than they are supposed to be. My observations are little less stringent. I believe that just as you and I are children of God, so are people who identify to a different gender. These are our brothers and sisters under God’s protection. To ignore this fact is to be unfair, not only to those affected, but to the person who has these views. I learned all too late that anger and hatred only irritates me. The person at the other end is rarely affected by my outlook.

So, I believe that true justice, honest justice, is what occurs when we recognize that we all receive God’s love; until we accept this, there can never be true peace on this battle-torn planet. To do this, we must be in constant contact with God. We must recognize His existence in our lives, His love and offered peace, if we will accept it. We cannot realize real inner tranquility, inner peace, until we refute the concept of aggression and perhaps war.

God’s peace, however, does not mean that this planet will be free from conflict. We are human beings who want success for ourselves and our families. This is natural. Nevertheless, we must leave a place in hearts, leave our doors open to allow God’s tranquility to enter each of our lives. What peace we can bring to ourselves and our families will eventually seep into society, and, hopefully reduce societal tensions. But we must work at it; it will not come easily; we are too prone to conflict.

Since earliest mankind, there has been conflict. Just read the first stories in the Bible about Cain and Abel. Or, think about the struggles between Adam and Eve, and their desire to be just like God. Jealousy and ego are our two worst enemies. I write a lot about community and love. But, I am a realist; I know that this is difficult and may not change. But I can pray for it, and I can work in my own sphere of influence to hopefully see the benefits of unity and diversity being able to sit at the same table prepared by God for us.

I share a prayer I wrote for our church meeting last evening:

God’s gifts are plentiful

Love, Life, Grace

We go to bear fruit

Accept and give His gifts

Be thankful when we receive

When we give

Be thankful for the Love of Jesus

For our mirror image of Him

His wonder in our goodness

Our sharing

Our going forward

To bring the fruit of His Love

To others.


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