God Loves Us All . . . Equally

gods-loveGod loves us all . . . equally!!

God does not withhold anything that we need. We may not get what we want, but as long as we walk in His light, our needs are fulfilled. It is His, or Her, influence in our lives that both influence and fulfill us. We tend to hide ourselves from the Good, always searching for those elements in our lives that satisfy our lesser beings. It is no wonder that our world is so mixed up. I am trying to separate myself from the lesser things in this life and try to center on those that are most important, such as Love, friendship, hope, patience, charity. These are among the things that are truly important, that we tend to overlook in our daily, rushed lives.

Because of this impatience, we avoid God as much as possible, even if we think we are not. God offers us everything but builds no bridges for us to cross. We do this in our everyday life; it just depends on what kind of bridges we build. They can be harmful or beneficial. After a long life, I have finally realized that the bridges we build to attain a closer relationship with God are much more gratifying and fulfilling. This is one of the reasons I became a prayer minister. I feel closer to my fellow man and much closer with God when we share a prayer. I would rather build a bridge leading to the light, instead of building one that takes me into more darkness.

Sometimes, it is very difficult to hear God; she speaks in such a soft voice that we are forced to listen sharply. When we curse another, that is call them names, or degrade them for their personal views, or when we lose a friend over a silly argument, we end up estranging ourselves from those who love us, and we love; but we also separate ourselves from the Love that God offers. We lose the path of light that we so urgently need.

Just as a mirror reflects our face, our hearts can reflect the love in the hearts of others; if we allow them to. Those who try to belittle us because of our faith, our views, or our heritage, are not our true friends. All they desire is to uplift themselves by putting us down. They refuse, or are unable, to see the face of God in us. Our job is not to criticize or ostracize these friends; it is our job to keep our hearts open for them to re-enter, when they are ready. I have said this before, but I want to emphasize it again. I love all my friends, those I know and those I have yet to meet. I also love those unduly criticize me for my views on certain issues. When we truly believe that we are all of one family, it makes it a bit easier to love those brothers and sisters who are angry with us.

God loves us all . . . equally!!


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