We Are Love

cloud-love1We are Love


God is not just with us, not just beside us, not just under us, not just over us, but within us, at the deepest level, and, in our most being. This means that Love is also not just with us, beside us, under us, over us, but is within us, to the innermost depths. By just living and growing, we live and grow in Love.

There are many who try to reject this and try to refuse to see this in others. We cannot be these others. To do so is to reject and refuse to see this in ourselves. In our love for others, we must send goodness, especially if they are in sorrow, are weak or sick, or live in poverty.

Our objective is to be in union with all brothers and sisters to attain untethered unity with God. We fulfill our hearts when we are concerned with other people; we should not be at war with people; we should fight against infidelity and greed.

Our love cannot be left alone or else it will die. We must continually work to broaden our love.

I was in a diner this morning after delivering four crates of apples to church for our food pantry. As I looked around the diner, I saw people of all ages, all sizes, all ethnic backgrounds (not races – there is only the human race). It seems that all were talking at once, enjoying the company of their friends or family. All were having fun, except maybe the youngsters on their cells. The overwhelming picture was that we all are alike; we all share in love for one another. All we must do is expand that love to include all the people in the diner, not just at the table. I was not surprised when I realized that I do love them all – for their existence, for their humanity, for their sharing the life I live.

Love grows when you allow it. No matter what name you use, pray with God to help you broaden your love.




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