Working Faith


From Psalm 40: I do not hide your righteousness in my heart; I speak of your faithfulness and your saving help. I do not conceal your love and your faithfulness from the great assembly.

This is a very interesting thought for today – at least for me. As I am now closer to 80 than 70 years on this planet, as with all of us old folks, I am beginning to experience some physical insecurities. At times, these are depressing; I get upset that I am no longer able to put in a full day teaching (which is one reason I finally and forever retired this past May).

I have to force myself to recall these words from Psalm 40. This comes from both the Christian and Jewish Bible and is repeated in the Qu’ran. God walks with me, whether I remember this or not. I may doubt many things, and since I am only human, I sometimes question this. Fortunately, my good wife, and my intellect, and above all my faith brings me back to this substance.

I attach the words of Basilea Schlink, a 20th century religious influence in Germany for almost 100 years. “I do not want to be respected by certain people; I do not want to be admired. Lord, accept my commitment today. I do not want to worry about whether I get a bad deal; I do not want to be involved in myself. I want to trust that you will not let anything happen to me that would not be for my good. I always want to think the best of my brother and sister and not give way to any mistrustful thoughts again.…”

This is a passage I often read to bring me back to reality; this is especially needed now, when I doubt what my future will be.

Whatever will be is not in my control, so I trust myself to rise each morning, pray for those who are in need, and thank God that I am with my friends and families. This is a good day and a good time to be active in this world. There are interesting times ahead, all of which I anticipate greatly.

Bless you all and my the Good Lord walk with you always.

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