A Prayer for all


I have a daily prayer that basically asks that our society does not slip back to the age-old practices of white privilege, western privilege, male privilege, heterosexual privilege, entitled Christendom, and American isolationism (I call these the six deadly sins). All of which are practices that we began eliminating from our society over fifty years ago. I ask for nothing but one thing: that His will be done, that His kingdom come, and that His nature be revealed. Then all will be well.

This, however, is a difficult prayer; I accept that nothing is impossible for God, but mankind has been given free will, and right now our free will is rapidly crashing down a deep abyss after being derailed by those who are obsessed with money-hungry and power-hungry greed.

I have been deliberating greatly on the need for a kinder, gentler community over the past several weeks; this is one area that always needs further discussion. To Love our neighbors, as Jesus commands, is a very difficult thing to do; but, we must begin doing it. Just to get historic and political for just a minute: between 1933 and 1935, a powerful popular person became chancellor of Germany, with a very week Reichstag. I all hope we remember what happened in the ensuing ten years.

Don’t put words in my mouth, but I pray that we do not repeat the failures of human society again. Our president is in word and deed a very popular person, using a very weak congress to achieve his goals. We don’t really know what his goals are. They may be excellent; I pray they are. But I also know that our community of families is being undercut on a daily basis. We cannot believe in strong family values if we continue separating children from their parents.

This practice is bringing back four of the above deadly sins. As a Christian, as a western, white, semi-privielged male, I shed a tear every time I read about the 1500+ children that have been misplaced after separation from their biological parents.

Jesus di not want anything like this to happen; neither did Peter, or Paul, or any of the other disciples. Even under the structure of the early Middle-Ages Christian Church, the white men in robes, as strict as they were, did not foresee anything such as this in their domains. None of the original desert religions created by Jacob, Paul, or Muhammed had anything like this in mind.

My brothers and sisters, I ask that you included the above prayer in your daily routines, as I have done.

Pray with me . . .

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