More on Community

sharing a meal

More on Community

We are raised to live in community; yet we insist that we can go it alone. We cannot live a life of integrity without the support, knowledge, comfort, or camaraderie that we gain when part of a community. Our lives depend on it. We are made for each other; when we are together we all flourish.

My hunger for community involves a lot that you may not want to hear. This involves freedom, freedom from oppression, fear, hunger, and segregation. I am sitting in Virginia Beach on a much needed vacation with my wife. We have just heard of the mass shooting, another in a school, this time in Santa Fe. How can our community and its interests allow this to continue happening.

I just retired from teaching at a community college. The last few semesters I have feared for my and my students’ lives. At the back of my mind, I always worried about whether a student would react to a bad grade, or a failing grade in a way that would harm others.

It is not the reason I retired, but now that I am retired, I am more comfortable knowing I would no longer have that fear.

If we love our community, we have to act the part. We cannot allow a few people to override the safety and fears of others.

I pray that God will bless us with leaders that find the courage to stand up to the money and do what is right.

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