God’s Love

Let all that you do be done in Love.

God’s Love –

I am writing this morning from the terrace at the Hampton Inn in Virginia Beach, facing the ocean with a nice ocean breeze to cool us. God has blessed us with little rain, sprinkles, at worst. Although, the weatherman says that we will have rain later today. No way he is going to countermand the word of God.

We awoke this morning to the wedding of Harry and Meghan; what a beautiful ceremony it was, filled with God’s Love and the awe and respect of thousands in London attending a most wonderful event. The unity, the love, the pageantry, and the excitement of the people without pushing and shoving, protesting and derision, was a sight worth remembering.

I absolutely loved the sermon giving the PB Curry. I have listened to him preach and talk on line; it was a joy to hear him live. He is such a dynamic inspirator! I drifted off when he spoke of airplanes and Facebook, but I absorbed his message of the fire of Life that brings us Love. Being a member of the Episcopal church, I can appreciate the service of the Anglican wedding. As a former Christian Scientist, I may have been lost. But God brought me to where I am today, and I am blessed to be where I am, physically, mentally, emotionally, intellectually, and spiritually.

Those of you who know me from years past may be confused about how I can so comfortably write about God’s Love. You may remember me as the outspoken person I was, and still am. I have always felt what I write about today; it’s just that living in NJ, I was uncomfortable expressing these thoughts. When I did, I received looks of great questioning, and sometimes ridicule. I pray that this was self-deception, and that it was anchored in my own timidity.

As a new-found Virginia, I am more comfortable expressing these views. Linda tells me that I’m becoming a southerner, because I many times wish people a blessed day. This was hard for me at first; but this changed when my students began wishing this for me, as they left my classes at Germanna Community College. I will admit that it was more my African-American students that blessed me, but Love is viral. When many people express this, it is impossible to resist returning the Love that God gives us.

No matter what I do; no matter what I have done, I know that I am blessed. The near-fatal injuries I received in the military, in a car accident, and then a herniated small intestine, proves to me that God has always been with me.

So, when I hear Bishop Curry speak of God’s Love, I can only close my eyes, reflect on the truth of his words, and bask in comfort that Bishop Michael passes from God.

One final note: witnessing the marriage of Harry and Meghan, I reflected on a blessed moment almost fifty-one years ago, when God brought Linda and I together, Loving us through hard times both physically and financially. There were times that I doubted God’s Love; I never doubted the Love he gave us, as we joined our spirits for eternity in that small chapel in Murray Hill New Jersey.

I am truly blessed.

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