My Prayers for Our Future

My PrayersLet all that you do be done in Love. for our Future.

Blog April 21, 2018

We humans are strange beings. We are a combination of unbelievable egotism, and at the same time, a feeling of inferiority. No wonder so many of us are in therapy or heavy drug use. We are born as such beautiful representatives of God’s goodness, while we often are convinced by others that we are not.

We are God’s seeds on Earth, firmly planted, enabling us to flourish and to grow. By not realizing this, we sometimes transplant ourselves in believing we are something else. The result is that we do not grow, but wither on the vine. We must be courageous enough to stand our ground, defending the beautiful creatures of God that we are. The alternative is to complain unhappily, just as a little child complains when it does not get its way. We are better than that.

We must accept that we are all good. After all, we are God’s creations, and being thus, we cannot be anything but perfect creatures. This is difficult, but when we look around at the world we live in, the beautiful garden that Earth can be, we see nothing but God’s beauty displayed for all its natural wonder.

We cannot, however, overthink our importance. We cannot think that we are the only worthwhile creatures made by God. How could humans think we were the only or even the main event? Not only did we think that the Earth was the center of the universe; we were certain our human species was the only one that God really cared about. Not only do we think the we are the center of the universe, se sometimes think that we are the only creatures that God really cares about.

Before you jump down my throat about this statement, look how we abuse our world, the world created by God. There are thousands of miles of oceans that are uninhabitable due to the garbage we dump there from our major coastal cities. Our air quality is such that those with chronic breathing issues must move to clean air areas, which are rapidly disappearing. When I was a young boy, my uncle and his family moved to Arizona for medical reasons. I have recently had a friend move from Arizona due to the pollution.

One of the things I pray for and meditate on is for us to change our ways. I only have one grandchild, but I know he must live in the environment we leave him. My daughter is raising him with the understanding, and he has learned this, that there are many people in Virginia who are not as privileged as we are. He serves with my wife at our church’s feeding ministry, recognizing the fact that there are hundreds of people in our community who are living on the edges of society.

I look at the youth of today; between those who are rewriting the future of guns in America, and how my grandson and people his age are concerned about the needs of all people, and I am comforted knowing that they will be the leaders in the future.

My prayers center on the belief that our collective prayers will be heard by us, and that we will begin doing what God was of us.

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