Insufferable Times


Insufferable Times:

We are on the brink of a different world. One that has been approaching and may now be imminent. In one respect, this is both exciting and challenging, above all challenging. However, it is also fraught with indecision and trepidation. Ignorance and prejudice are invading our everyday lives to the point that for many seem to be acceptable and threateningly normal. These two elements are the midwives of disinformation. We must confront ignorance with knowledge and bigotry with tolerance and persistence. If not, control leaves our hands and is placed in the hands of those who are led by the vices of greed and self-worship. Racism and gender oppression can, will, and must be defeated. 

Compassion must lead the way, because it proclaims that the pain suffered by the oppressed is to be taken seriously and is not to be accepted as the norm. this oppression is not natural; it is perverted and unacceptable for humanity. We must open our ears, our hearts, listening for the word of God, following the voices that beckon us. May we rediscover our grace, preparing the way for all of God’s creatures to return to compassion and tenderness. Our world may not become Edenic, but we can produce a more tenderhearted world.

Let us be the light in the darkness that surrounds us. We must set aside logic, stop just thinking about it; just be God’s children; just imagine and recreate this old/new world. We might be surprised at what comes. Instead of searching for the light, let us be the light. The first president Bush restated Jesus’ words that we should be the city upon the hill, the light of the world. I believe that we can return to this vision.

We should pray for the grace to see this present world as it is, rather than as God originally created it. We should take up God’s words, accept his invitation to be true disciples, praying, trusting that God is making all things right . . . praying for God’s leadership and assistance.






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