Optimism is with us . . . if we allow it.

optimismOptimism is with us . . . if we allow it

If we agree that there is an instinct for freedom and progress, that there are opportunities for change, then there is a possibility that we can collectively contribute to making our world better. Our world seems to be coming apart at the seams. People are upset and in the streets demonstrating; masses of our population have no idea what is true and what is false. These two diverse views come together when we see that people are waiting for what will eventually come; and it shall come, but maybe not the way we expect.

Talking with people, I find there is an optimism that seems to be contradictory to current events. This optimism will keep us on the path to progress, the path to true freedom. When Christians and other people of faith get back to the foundations and the One we follow, we see that rebirth of these concepts is not only possible, but key to this journey, this pathway. Our faith is especially important and helpful at this critical moment when the health of the very existence of life forms are seriously at risk.

We can see so little. Life unfolds slowly and in stages. When we look at today, at the now, we should practice a posture of compassion: we’re not seeing everything there is to see and understand. There’s always more; there is always something hidden from view that we must allow room to grow, room to mature, developing into something we can grasp and mold to the greater needs. We cannot be selfish; we must be humble enough to accept that others are involved and others need care.

We were created for union, for working together; but this can present a feeling of emptiness. We spend most of our lives projecting and protecting our own small ideas, thinking in a mode of separate self-image. In a world based on ideology, it seems impractical to talk of unit and compromise; but isn’t this what makes us and has made us as the most prosperous and progressive civilization in history. We have lost these concepts.

I pray that our leaders, political, educational, and spiritual can offer a unified message that working together is what works. Then, we might regain the instinct for freedom and progress, regain the objective of making the world, the whole world, a better place to live.

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