Prayer for Unity and Hope.


Prayer for Unity and Hope.

Beloved God, Father of all Life, act on our behalf this day; fill us with your Love. Release the light that is necessary for use to do Thy will, for all our decisions are according to Thy will. All our energies are used to magnify You in all people. See that Thy Wisdom, Holy Mother, given to us is used to expand Your kingdom. Above all, Beloved Father, I commend my spirit to Thee, asking as Your flame is one within me, the union of these will affect the world with atonement which I pray for in Your presence. 

The world around us is transparent with come-ons and desires for objects we do not need. When we follow this cellophane way, we cannot leave room to learn what is truly a benefit for us. We must see through this thin veil of material possessions to discover that which is truly in our best interests. We are truly wounded, and we often miss what is around us. We are surrounded by God’s promise; all we must do is open our eyes to enjoy the fullness of God’s Paradise. I spend time each day watching the birds flitting from feeder to feeder in our back yard, while on the ground are the squirrels and occasional groundhog enjoying the extras tossed to the ground by the smaller birds. Our back yard is complete with many trees and plants that also glorify God creation. I often wonder why I cannot do all my work in this environment. But often, it is too hot or too cold, so I just sit and gaze through the window. When I meditate with this image, I know that I enjoy the mystical experience of communing with God. I know that, when I sit there, we are a part of something much grander than ourselves; how grand, we can never know.

I also find that when I am meditating while observing our animal friends, that the spirit power that is within us all is creating the force field in me that generates and maintains my creative juices. And the prayers that I whisper, that can only be heard by God and me, remove the despair of my life, bringing forth strength and the feeling of unmistakable Hope.

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