Whose Plan?

God's visison of wisdomsharing

Whose Plan!

We do not know if God has an overall plan for us, but I do believe She has a vision for what we can and will become. In the short term, maybe even a term as long as our lives on Earth, all may not seem to be well; we will have pain, sickness, sorry, and failures coming in many styles. It seems that our lives are controlled by an evil randomness. We must recognize that these are a part of our mortal existence, but not a part of our spiritual live with God.

Our lives are imbued with meaning!

We rarely take the time to think what we do with the gifts that are given to us by our loving God. It is too often that we accept these gifts for ourselves and refuse to share them. My wife and several others began an expanding feeding ministry at our church. With the help of a family who won the lottery, and shared their gifts with this feeding ministry, the people in need in our community are benefiting from the gifts this family received. This is the spirit of sharing God’s gifts with our neighbors. This is the example we all must follow. We are not all equal in our abilities to give, but we can be equal in our abilities to share the gifts we have. This is one of the lessons we learn, we know, but too often we forget.

Our Bible is composed of people who accepted the challenge to give of themselves for the benefit of others. I don’t think that many of the spiritual leaders in the Old Testament were any different than you or me . . . potentially. I believe they just were willing to give of themselves. Maybe we are too comfortable; maybe we are too timid. We cannot make a difference if we hide in our homes; we must go among the people to listen, to learn, to give of ourselves.


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