Retreat of Love

Retreat of Love

I am enjoying the first evening of a weekend retreat at Shrine Mont in Orkney Springs, Virginia. It is our once-a-year gathering for a weekend of enjoying the beauty of God’s creation and the Love of our fellow man.

Presently, I am sitting in the lobby of the main building listening to the youth of the church sing Compline. What a beautiful way to end the day. The young girls and boys are leading song, prayer, scripture reading, and sharing personal love and prayers for each other and the world. When I see events such as this, I know that the world will be in good hands; the young people are so encouraging in their belief and lack of fear sharing their faith with each other. I wish that their parents were similarly inclined. Not to pick on the immediate parents, but the parents I general, who tend to forget how simple, child-like faith can move mountains.

Presently, they are singing, “Jesus Loves Me.” I am seeing the innocence and love expressed in all their faces; those of the two and three-year olds; those of the teenagers; and those of the parents, who are considerably older. The beauty of the faith of a child, the child in all of us, is truly a promising, uplifting experience to observe and to anticipate.

AS this first day closes, I thank God for giving us the opportunities to love one another, as She Loves us.

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