Present in God’s Love

doggy love

Present in God’s Love

For us to accept the reality of the presence of Jesus in our lives, we must be truly present to our own life, or present in our Life with God. Now. Maybe we have forgotten where that place is. We have forgotten where that place is.

I have always been a multi-tasker, and I mean always.  When I was 12 years old, I was delivering newspapers on a rainy Sunday morning in East Orange, New Jersey; I was two blocks from home. Now, picture this: I was pedaling up a hill to deliver the bulky Newark Sunday News. One of the forever wars between Egypt and Israel was burning itself out, and I was reading the front page of the paper lying in the front basket of my fat-wheeled Schwinn. And BOOM! I ran right into a parked car, breaking my nose and two front teeth. I was definitely not present in my life at that point.

I promise; I am much better now than I was 62 years ago.

How do we slow down the hot Alfa-Romeo we are driving? How do we learn to be present in our lives? By starting small!! Put down the cell phone this morning at breakfast. Leave the Post on the lawn until after breakfast. Sit with your coffee in both hands; both hands; to prevent you from eating a crumb-bun while drinking the coffee. Take a sip; savor it; smell its aroma; feel its warmth travelling from your throat to your stomach. If you are lucky enough to be on your patio while doing this, close your eyes and feel the birds and squirrels as they search for food this early morning. Smell the sweetness of the hyacinth and the musky odor of the freshly-laden mulch.

Take a full 15 minutes with this cup of coffee, avoiding any thoughts of occupation, family, and friends. Savor this moment, and slowly return to the harsh self-imposed reality of our poor existence. If we start this once a week, and then progress gradually to every day, then twice a day, we will, in short, be truly awakening to our true life; you know, the one God and our parents gave us. The one Love produced!

Can we afford the time to do this, to return to being present in our lives, the one given to us by God? Can we learn to love ourselves again? And will this love spread to our family and friends? Will we, can we? Let us bring Love, God’s Love back to our lives.


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