Be Like Water

Is there any more powerful force of nature than water? Water is very pliable, yet extremely powerful. We must be like water in these trying times in our lives.
I look back to the women’s marches all around the world on January 21st and see a most powerful force against the limited thinking of our leaders. This is the power that changes things; this is the power that can wrap around and strangle those impediments that water faces. We must do the same.

However, we cannot forget that uncheck, water can be very destructive. We cannot let this power be uncontrolled. We cannot forget where we were; we did that and look at the results. Our water-like energy must create, not destroy. We must consider all people and all opinions, even those with which we disagree. If we do not, then we are no better than those we oppose.

Let’s look inside ourselves for what is good, not what is opposition. Then we can return to what is good in the United States.

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