Joy makes life worth living, but for many people joy is impossible. Some do not choose joy to be in their lives. People can watch the same event and come away with two opposing views, one joyful, the other filled with sadness, or discontent. The way that we view events in our lives determines whether we choose joy or discontent; it’s up to us to decide how we want to live.

Use this latest election as an example. There are those who are overjoyed, and those who are extremely disturbed by what our president is doing. People, take it in stride. Yes, we must protest; we have to stand up to express our views. What we need not do is allow these events to destroy the way we look at ourselves. We cannot allow outside influences to destroy the way we live.

Do you still love your family? Do you still enjoy the people you work with, the people you have fun with? Whatever or however you live your life will not be directly affected by what is occurring outside your sphere of happiness and joy. It is perfectly acceptable for us to go into the streets to protest government action.  I recently attended at vigil to protest the recent government execution of a death row inmate. I am fervently against capital punishment; I write letters to newspapers and government officials protesting their usurpation of God’s commandment not to kill, not to commit murder. This is one of the events that truly disturbs me, how we can justify murder, with murder. But, I do not allow this to assault my everyday inner joy.

And, it works!

So . . . opt for joy, my friends; you will find a great deal of ease and happiness; less stress and worry.

Be joyful!!!!

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