The daily meditation for today from the Henri Nouwen Society reads:

 What is our task in this world as children of God and brothers and sisters of Jesus? Our task is reconciliation. Wherever we go we see divisions among people – in families, communities, cities, countries, and continents. All these divisions are tragic reflections of our separation from God. The truth that all people belong together as members of one family under God is seldom visible. Our sacred task is to reveal that truth in the reality of everyday life.

 This is especially important for my brothers and sisters throughout the United States who fear getting together because of political differences and the drastic division that this past presidential election has created. We must unite and pray that our new president will grow into the position he has attained. Whether we are for or against Mr. Trump, or whether we were for or against President Obama when first elected, we understand that a person grows into the position of president. This will occur  this time also; we must pray that it does.

 But, we must also reconcile our hearts and minds to others. Our dislike and mistrust of people with different religions, or people who come from a country different from ours, must be eliminated. Look at our immediate neighbors. In the cul-de-sac where I live, there are three other families, all with different ethnicities, all with different levels of education, and all with entirely different backgrounds that my wife and I. There are times that we get on each other’s nerves, but we get along. We share a common bond, which is we are all God’s children. We all love God, no matter what name we call him; we all pray to God, no matter whether we kneel, stand, or prostrate ourselves to do this. We all have children that we love and cherish, and we all go to work to improve the American society.

 God has truly blessed all of us. This is what we must remember. This is what is the important element in attaining the correct path to reconciliation. God does not want us to quarrel, to hate, or to mistrust.

 So, let us take this spirit of reconciliation and join it with this season of all religions’ holiday services during the waning days of December and try to carry us into a new year of understanding and forgiveness. I truly believe that this is what God wants from us.

 I wish you all much happiness and good fortune as we celebrate Christmas, Chanukah, and Kwanzaa.


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