During my meditations, today, I was praying to Abba, our Father in heaven, when another voice entered my consciousness. She did not give me her name, so I will call her Angel.

 Me: Are you an angel of our Lord?

 Angel: Yes, I have been with you since you were a seed in your mother’s womb and will be with you until you return home.

 I thought . . .

 I am the one who pulled you from the agonies of pain that Sunday in July.

 . . . I was speaking with God.

But why me?

 You are worthy. You are able to do great things.

 Me? I am not great.

 You are blessed by God to follow in Christ’s footsteps.

 I am nothing . . .

 You have the talent to do good.

 . . . like Christ.

 Take your unique abilities and let them flow from your body, as Jesus did. Your talents are as unique to you as Jesus’s talents were to him.

 I need the will . . .

 You have the will, and remember that I will be with you always. When you pray, or meditate, I will be with you.

 A feeling of euphoria entered my body, filling my chest with so much air, I thought I might explode . . . but I knew better; I am blessed by God.



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