All Things Hoped For

I pray to our Creator several times a day. Very few of these prayers are formal; most are quick thoughts, such as seeing a family begging for money on the road intersection. I remind myself when seeing such images that God is touched by these poor also. After all, He sent Jesus to us a long time ago to comfort the poor.

God is the Principle of all that is Good, all that is real. God is Love; God is Life. God does not bring evil upon His children. God does not challenge us with hardships throughout our lives; we create our own obstacles; God is with us to help us get through them. I believe God is present with us all through our lives, in good times and in bad.

Evil occurrences are not created by God; they are created by ourselves, our societies. There is neither Love or Truth in evil occurrences. Therefore, they are not part of God. They only show up when we think that God is not present, that God has abandoned us. The anonymous author of The Cloud of Unknowing writes that we must balance our knowing with our habit of or desire to not know. We must believe that God is always within us, always in our world. This is our secret.

On the other hand, with faith nothing can frighten us because nothing can harm us. We are God’s possession. God bring us Love. God is with us in Spirit. God gives us Truth, Life, and Love. Our faith is the reality of things hoped for. Faith is the Truth of things not seen, things that are only felt within us. Faith brings all things hoped for.

©Russell Kendall Carter



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