It’s All about Family


I read the parables and teaching of Jesus in our Bible. One truth stands above all others; Jesus and the Message from God is for all of us. In His day, it was the Jews and all others, the non-Jews. Today it is white Christianity and all others. Mankind, all mankind, is a direct reflection of God; we are made in His image. We are His reflection on Earth. . . all of us. We are all deserving of His Grace!

If we can accept this, and we must, we then accept the reality that we are all brothers and sisters under God; there are no strangers or foreigners. Remember, Jesus’s message is for all. When we learn and accept this true equality and recognize that all men and women are spiritual beings equally created by God, all the glories of God and His gifts are realized. And we are immersed in a world of beauty, Truth, and eternal spiritual life.

In high school physics (I think physics, I was a poor science student), we learn there is one prime mover for substance; in faith, that prime mover is God. God was, is, and will be forever. He asks so little; just for us to love; just to accept others. Our offering of acts of kindness without expectations of rewards to all people we meet is our recognizing that God is within us and around us. Then we all benefit from these small acts that praise God.

Then we can open our minds to God’s living Truth, realizing that all tings are possible. Jesus and the Message from God is for all of us. It’s all about family!

©Russell Kendall Carter, June 2, 2022                 

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