Leave False Foundations Behind


We live in a world where the most important thing in life is ME! Me is the king of the world. But this is wrong! We live in God’s world, and we are servants of God. We are also servants for each other. At least this is what we learn in our Bible. This is what is asked of us. God allows us to use our higher sense of holy Truth to leave the false promises and false strictures of society behind us, therefore bringing Love and compassion into all our lives.

I wasted too many years of my life chasing a dream of false foundations. My mid-life crisis was an epiphany with doors opened for me by the One who counts – made easier by my soulmate whom I married fifty-five years ago. Both are gifts from above.

From the time of Moses, we are asked to keep God’s commandments. But God also placed in us the seed of self. Then Jesus comes along and says that after we love God, we must love ourselves; but He also asks us to love one another. Love God, love self, love others. Not so difficult to understand; but we don’t. We place self. . . even above God.

We must develop a truer sense of self love, one that grows with our love of God and our service to and for others. These are the foundations we can trust when built into our short lives on this earth. Jesus knew this; we can and should learn from His teachings.

We do things that are wrong in God’s eyes, but we also recognize that these are wrongs in our lives while we continue to do them. These hurt us more than they harm the recipients. When we turn to God and His Love and Commandments, we gain strength. We celebrate extraordinary power that exudes our very beings. This is the Good News of Jesus.

False foundations are built of sand and wash away in the storms. Our foundations built on God’s Word last for an eternity.


©Russell Kendall Carter

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