Psalm 23

As a young boy in East Orange, New Jersey, I experienced many things while attending Sunday School. One of the first things I remember is having to memorize the twenty-third Psalm. If I remember correctly, it was a chore for a ten-year-old boy. Now, approximately seventy years later, I still remember not only the words, but I now understand the full meaning of these words written by David thousands of years ago. I am blessed, as are you.

Psalm 23 gives us a strong, solid foundation upon which to build our future and our faith. The Truth is in the power of Divine Love. David not only asks for but recognizes that God’s eternal Love and protection always are with us. Sin, disease, and death have no reality for our eternal lives. “Yea though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death. . .” with God as our companion, and Jesus as our example, eternal life is our gift.

I do not build my hopes on false notions. I know that as a mortal man, I am subject to disease and death, but as a child of God, my spiritual being, which is the only eternal being that God created, cannot die. There are so many indicators in the Old Testament of the promise of Jesus, and there are so many parables in the New Testament of the promise of eternal life that I cannot believe that the life I enjoy and suffer on this planet Earth is the true reality. We serve no purpose for God in only eighty years, or longer. one hundred years. God wants us serve others during our existence; God wants us to share our blessings with others. This is the message; this is the life of Jesus. I try to do the same.


©Russell Kendall Carter

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