God Weeps

John 11:35 “Jesus Wept.”

I believe that God loves us forever; but I also believe that God is very sad about how we serve and care for each other. What happened in our humanity to coopt the beautiful message for humankind that Jesus teaches us every day? Too many people are simply turned off by the lack of human kindness for each other. There seems to be too much boredom with false promises.

Our very breath is an invitation from God to share His Love. My meditations  

Center on my breath; I sit in silence and breathe. I listen! I sit in God’s presence, loving mankind. At times I am bored by the messages our political and spiritual leaders expound, but then I realize that they are constrained by us, the people. If they raise their voices too loud, they are cast aside like yesterday’s news.

Fortunately, most of us are disciplined enough to work through the tedium of our leaders’ empty rhetoric and return to what God truly wants. That is Love and peace. Many of our leaders remind us that God’s lovingkindness surrounds us, comforting us as the world seems to deteriorate around us. We endure because we love, and care, and serve.

We are of the world because we are mortal; but we also have eternal life when the roots of our very beings are firmly implanted on God’s lighted path the kindness, righteousness, and love.

Dear God, Savior of all there is, allow the breath of my body to keep the eyes of my heart open to injustice and cruelty. Give me the courage to speak out. Give me the strength to stand up, taking over a position of leadership when others fall, working with our leaders. We are all your children, Lord, we know You are our strength; we know You are our future as You have always been in our past and present days.

© Russell Kendall Carter

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