The Wisdom We Carry

How can we carry the light of the world to our fellow man? As we walk in the darkness of our world, we are the lanterns that can bring God’s Truth to our fellow human beings. We are the holders and spreaders of Mother Wisdom’s illumination. We hold Her lantern in our hands.

Mother Wisdom was the first creation of God; She is also the creator God, the feminine side we often reject. She is our nurturer.

Mother Wisdom (Chochma in Hebrew, Sophia in Greek) is ignored or forgotten in male dominant societies; She is not accepted as authority. Those who demand that God is only male are reducing God to an authoritative, selfish God who only cares for man, woman being a servant. Without recognizing the feminine Chochma, we allow Her to slip into eternity and we ignore God’s Truth.

Wisdom orders God’s true creation; She combines all points of our Earth, uniting us in Holy order. As Solomon writes, “She embraces one end of the earth to the other, and She orders all things well (8:1).” She changes nothing but gives us a system of order to organize our lives for Truth. She is God’s light for the world.

When I attended a small church in northern New Jersey, we experienced a wonderful growth event at Easter. Our Holy Saturday service was held in total darkness symbolizing the darkness left with the crucifixion of Jesus. At the conclusion of the service the ushers would pass our small candles and light them as we left the church. Mother Wisdom was walking with us as we brought God’s Truth and Light out of the darkness. Our small candles brought the light of Jesus into Creation.

Presently we are suffering with impending doom in the world. I pray that Mother Wisdom enlightens those who are creating this trial and relocate the light and wisdom so freely given by God.

© Russell Kendall Carter


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