The Stronghold of all People

The Stronghold of all PeopleI am both old and young. I was born into the flesh in 1943, so, you might say I am old. But I say I am young also, because I believe that my spiritual being is eternal and being eternal, it cannot be aged. My spiritual side is my soul and that belongs to God; it is, therefore, eternal. This belief is snuggled into my zeal in the knowledge that God is my light, as He is for all. God is both judge and refuge for all people for all time before we are born to the flesh and forever after our flesh dies.

Although I am a Christian, I have studied many world religions. There are people around our small planet who are very devout and pray to God daily. There is only one god, but there are just as many names for God that there are religions on Earth. I understand that many people will not agree with me on this. I also believe in Jesus as the mortal manifestation of God on Earth. And I believe that reading in other religions, there are many manifestations of God on Earth. Could these other manifestations also be Jesus in other names according to the different traditions? Only Go knows; we cannot for we lack the Wisdom of God. If we believe in one all-mighty God, then we cannot denounce other religions just because different names are used. God’s doors are open to everyone. Jesus said, in my Father’s house there are many rooms; let us not forget that. The glory of God is manifold; we are all safe and secure in His loving arms. We listen for His voice within us and magnify His daily presence.

Let us join with others recognizing our shared glory in His eternal presence within.

© Russell Kendall Carter

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