Parables and Practices

I study the parables of Jesus; I meditate and pray. I listen to the voice within me and listen for the voice quietly whimpering in the wilderness.

God is our life source; we live in a state of Grace, Love, and Communion with Him. As a companion, God gives us Mother Wisdom, helping us to reflect pure Love to all. I listen for the voices of Father God and Mother Wisdom; both accompany me throughout my waking hours, guiding me with the lessons of Jesus’s parables of Wisdom, asking me to share the very core of my heart; we all receive God’s Holy Love and guidance from Jesus.

Jesus asks that I give up all I have to walk in His lighted path. This is difficult, but when I make the conscious effort to leave my earthly practices and concentrate on what Jesus prophesied, I am a giant in the land, reflecting the Heart of God.

My prayer: Let my words reflect the Heart of God for His words are Truth. God lives within me and all people; He hears me when I cry out to Him in prayer. He listens; He hears; he responds. God is Love; therefore, I am love. May my words shine on all those I meet, opening their hearts to the love and understanding that Jesus preached in His parables.

© Russell Kendall Carter  

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