Open Minds

Wisdom needs an open mind. In my morning meditation, a thought appeared, reminding me that when God asked Solomon what he wanted, he asked for wisdom. He did this to enable him to judge people as God would. Wisdom is a gift from God, and it is one of the gifts that must be shared, or it is worthless. We have been given this gift as the light and love of Jesus. And as He did, we are asked to share our gift with all whom we meet. Each new day, a new age of congeniality is possible.

Practicing Wisdom, which is discipleship, we will demonstrate the glory of the Holy Spirit, and as when a pebble is thrown into a pool of water, the ripple effect spreads this glory throughout the world. Remember the only thing that does not change is change, and we must make the change to improve the world; this is an invitation to act now, not later or someday, but now. Let us make our gifts count, make this one of the changes that benefits all. I think this is a good New Year’s resolution!

© Russell Kendall Carter

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